Who Is She

Personal information

Engineer, Technical Advisor at the Office of the Minister of Telecommunications
Diana Bou Ghanem

What I have done for Lebanon

How to serve our beloved Lebanon well? Actually it is little things that make an impact, just like a drop of water that goes unnoticed and breaks rocks. Being a public servant, I always look for Lebanon’s public interest without prejudging issues based on narrow religious, sectarian, or regional backgrounds. I have contributed to national telecommunications projects that helped in the development of Lebanon’s digital economy and Internet growth. I have faced corruption by just being a professional engineer, a transparent, honest, and hardworking public servant. I also support Environment and Gender related issues. I ask myself daily, what good deed have I done today?

Contact information / Private

Contact information / Work

Ministry of Telecommunications
Riad El Solh, Massaref Str.
+961 1 979416
+961 3 483606


  • Candidate for Doctor in Business Administration DBA
  • Master's degree, Business (Executive MBA), 2007, Lebanese American University (LAU), Lebanon.
  • Bachelor degree, Computer and Communications Engineering (CCE), 1988, American University of Beirut (AUB), Lebanon.

Areas of expertise

  • Telecom Networks tendering,
  • Project Management
  • Private Public Partnership (PPP)
  • Telecom Regulation
  • Cost modeling and portfolio mgt of telecom services
  • Strategic planning
  • Mobile Telephony and Performance KPIs
  • Information & Communication Technology ICT
  • Information Society and Internet Governance
  • Electronic Government
  • Gender Analysis and Gender mainstreaming
  • Digital Transformation
  • Bridging the Digital Gap
  • English
  • Arabic

Work history

  • Head of Equipment Department at General Directorate of Equipment and Construction, Ministry of Telecommunications (MoT), Tender management at MoT and Ogero. 2017- Present
  • Technical Advisor and Head of ICT at the Minister’s Office, 2010 - 2016, MoT.
  • Project Manager for Licensing and Establishing Call Centers in Lebanon, 2009, MoT.
  • Tender Manager for the Management Agreement of the two mobile networks Alfa and touch, 2008, MoT
  • Project Manager for Establishing the Telecom Regulatory Authority (TRA), 2005, Ministry of Telecommunications.
  • National Group Leader for the Lebanese contribution to the World Summit of Information Society (WSIS), 2003 - 2005, MoT.
  • Director of Network Operations - PSTN, 2001, MoT - Ogero.
  • Head of International Operations Department, 1998, Ogero.
  • Programmer and Project Manager for several IT projects related to banking, corporate IT and network planning, 1988 - 1995, Private sector computer and contracting companies.

Honorary office and memberships

  • Secretariat of Nationwide FTTx project deployment steering committee.
  • Elected member of delegates – Office of Branch 6 at Order of Engineers-Beirut.
  • Founding Member of Lebanon Chapter of the Internet Society (ISOC), 2010.
  • Gender Focal Point at MoT for the National Commission for Lebanese Women (NCLW), 2009.
  • Member of Women in IT, 2004 - present.
  • Member of the Order of Engineers in Beirut, 1989 - present.



Major achievements: 

2017-present:  Head of Equipment Department, and project coordinator to Ogero Telecom:

  • Coordinator to Ogero in Regulatory, tendering, and product development of commercial offers covering the  business planning of all commercial segments, including among others the new FTTx and fixed LTE services portfolio
  • Local Loop Unbundling LLU and Mobile and ISP colocation at the MoT sites in a PPP model.
  • Tendering committee member of the FTTx OSP access network and Project manager of the new IPMPLS OTN core.
  • Prepared cost model and tariff study for new internet over fiber and bit-stream access services and new leased line and international capacity decrease reaching 90% adopted by council of ministers decree.

2008-2017:  Telecom Advisor at the Minister’s Office, Mobile Owner Supervisory Board:

  • Managed the mobile Management Agreement, related to the KPIs and to all the reported business figures by the two mobile managers Zain and Orascom. Head of commercial unit in OSB 2011,
  • Prepared the Cost Modelling and Service Planning for mobile data services and bundles, cost modelling for fiber DWDM, FAC LRIC 2011, 2018
  • Managed the successful Tender of the two Mobile businesses in Lebanon that led to the Management Agreements with Orascom and Zain, effective Feb 2009.
  • Prepared for the BPO Call Centre Service launching in Lebanon, undertaking SWOT analysis, technical, regulatory and legal preparations, 2009-2014.

2001-2014:  Head of ICT Office, and Technical Advisor at the Minister’s Office:

  • Contributed to the ITU MIS 2013 report on “Measuring the Information Society” through the IDI index, and to the ESCWA report on the Digital Economy in Lebanon.
  • Member of the Arab Multi-stakeholder Advisory Group (AMAG) of the Arab Internet Governance Forum (IGF), 2012-2014;
  • Contributed to the drafting and issuance of 2010 ITU Resolution 173 of the Plenipotentiary Conference (Guadalajara, MEXICO) on “Piracy and attacks against fixed and cellular telephone networks in Lebanon,” 2010.
  • Managed the establishment of the national Telecom Regulatory Authority (TRA) with the European Consultancy Firm, and contributed to the regulations covering several areas, including licensing, spectrum, numbering, tariff, and interconnection, 2004-2005.