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Fairouz Farah - Sarkis

What I have done for Lebanon

During the last few decades Lebanon passed through continuance crises that led to a high rate of unemployment and hence to the desperation of the youth who are the main pillars of the development of any country . To help reduce this desperation I started two initiatives one targeted towards unemployment to help startups where I established an entrepreneurship center at AOU university where we help  our students and those interested outside the university to develop their innovative ideas and start their business  , the university also helps them to find means for financing their projects .

The second initiative was to help youth acquire soft skills which  is crucial for them at  the level of personal success , work place and  as members of the community . For this purpose I established short workshops program to train students on communication skills , team work , conflict resolution and several other soft skills .

Contact information / Private

961 4 927904
961 3 761461

Contact information / Work

Arab Open University - Lebanon
Beirut 2058 4518
Omar Bayhoum Str. - Park Sector
961 1 392147


  • Doctorate degree, Mathematics Education, 1981, University of London, United Kingdom.
  • Master's degree, 1976, American University of Beirut, Lebanon.
  • Bachelor degree, 1972, Haigazian University, Lebanon.

Areas of expertise

  • Higher Education
  • Quality Assurance
  • Assessment
  • Teacher training
  • Mathematics Education
  • English
  • Arabic

Work history

  • Rector, 2001- present, Arab Open University, Lebanon.
  • Evaluator of research proposals, 2002 - 2011, EU funded projects, INCO, EUMEDIS, ERAMED.
  • General Secretary of the Scientific Council, Director of the Office of External Projects, & Coordinator of Automating Lebanese University project, 1995 - 2001, Lebanese University.
  • Coordinator of Education Services Unit, 1991 - 1994, American University of Beirut.
  • Professor, 1982 - 1990 & 1994 - 2001, Faculty of Education, Lebanese University.
  • Chairperson of Mathematics and Science Department, 1984 - 1986, Faculty of Education, Lebanese University.

Honorary office and memberships

  • Member of the ESCWA Consultative Committee on Scientific and Technological Development and Technological, 2006 - 2012.
  • National Contact Point for FP7 for research funded by the European Commission, 2004 - 2011.
  • President of the Advisory Board of the Institute for Educational Development, 2000 - present.
  • Representative of Lebanon in the Monitoring Committee for Research and Development (MOCO) with the European Commission, 1996 - 2000.


Publications highlights: 
  • Farah - Sarkis, F. (2008). Attitudes towards E-Learning. Bahrain: United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia.
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  • Farah - Sarkis, F. (1990 - 1997). Art of mathematics (Series of mathematics textbooks). Beirut: Science Education Center.
Exhibitions, lectures & performances: 

Conferences and Seminars lec

  •  Opening speech on the quality of learning and the role of technology and institutions in the future, seminar on Technology Enhanced Learning (role of technology in higher education and teaching methods adopted), Arab Open University in Lebanon, 2010.
  • IT integrated systems to support learning at the regional level, ESCWA conference, Damascus, 2009.
  • Globalization and higher education, International conference at the Order of Accountants, Beirut, 2005.
  • Teaching mathematics in the developed countries, Arab League Educational Cultural and Scientific Organization (ALECSO), Algeria meeting, 1998.
  •  Research Difficulties in Education, Proceedings of the conference on Research Quality and Quest, NDU University, Beirut, 1994.
  • Author of Series of school mathematics textbooks.