Nayla Tabbara

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Personal information

Co-founder, Vice-Chairman, Director

Contact information (work)

116-5303 Mathaf
961 1 393211 Ext: 177
961 1 393211
Work email address:


Doctorate degree, Science of religions, 2007, Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes, Sorbonne (Paris) and Saint Joseph University (Beirut-Lebanon).
Diploma, Diplome d'Etudes Approfondies in Medieval religious History, 2001, Saint Joseph University, Lebanon.
Master's degree, Medieval History, 1999, Saint Joseph University, Lebanon.
Bachelor degree, Ancient and Medieval History, 1997, Saint Joseph University, Lebanon.
Bachelor degree, History,1994, American University of Beirut, Lebanon.

Areas of Expertise

Quranic Exegesis
Interfaith Dialogue
Muslim Feminism
World Religions
Cross-Cultural Education

Work history

Director of Cross-Cultural Studies Department, 2011-present, ADYAN Foundation.

Lecturer, 2011-present, Near East School of Theology.

Lecturer, 2004 - present, Saint-Joseph University, Faculty of science of religions, Institute of Islamo-Christian studies (IEIC), Superior Institute of Religious Sciences (ISSR), and Institute of Oriental Languages.

Advisor of theses (MA and PhD), 2008 - present, Saint-Joseph University, Lebanon.

Trainer in interreligious dialogue - Permanent formation to dialogue, 2005 - present.

Director of Alwan department, for education on diversity, coexistence and citizenship in Lebanese schools, 2008-2011, ADYAN Foundation.

Coordinator of programs in Science of Religions, 2007- 2009, Saint-Joseph University, Lebanon.

Invited professor, 2006, University of Montréal, Canada.

Teacher of World Religions for children (ages 7-11), 2005 - 2008, Collège Protestant Français, Lebanon.

Honorary office and memberships

Member of the Consultative Committee of the Faculty of Humanities, Beirut Arab University, 2011-present.

Member of ADYAN, 2006 - present.

Researcher, UNESCO chair of comparative study of religions, mediation and dialogue, 2008 - 2011.

Researcher, International Federation of Catholic Universities (IFCU), 2007-2011.

Member and Researcher at the Groupe de Recherches Islamo-Chrétien (GRIC), 2005 - 2010.


Publications highlights: 
  • Tabbara, N. (Ed.). (2012). What about the other: a question for intercultural education in the 21st century. ADYAN and NDU Publications.
  • Tabbara, N. (2012). Al-tarbiya ala al-ta'adudiya al-diniya [Education on religious diversity]. In Daou F. (Ed.), Al-tarbiya ala al-ayich al mushtaraq fi zul muwatana hadina lil tanawu' al-dini [Education on coexistence in the framework of intercultural citizenship] (pp. 76-93). Lebanon: ADYAN and Saint Paul Publications.
  • Daou, F. & Tabbara, N. (2011). Al-rahaba al-ilahiya: Lahut al-akhar fi al-masihiya wal Islam [Divine hospitality, Christian and Muslim theologies of the other]. Lebanon: Saint Paul Publications.
  • Tabbara, N. (2011). Le dialogue comme voie de renouveau en theologie musulmane [Dialogue as a track for renewal in muslim theology]. Sur le chemin de l'autre: éduquer au dialogue interreligieux en méditerranée [On the path of the other: educating on interreligious dialogue in the mediterranean region] (pp. 175-187). Marseille: Chemins de Dialogue.
  • Spivak, D. & Tabbara, N. (Eds.). (2009). Christianity and Islam in context of the contemporary culture: Perspectives of interfaith dialogue from Russia and the Middle East. Moscow: UNESCO.
  • Tabbara, N. (2008). Chrétiens et musulmans au Proche-Orient arabe: Quelle rencontre? [Christians and Muslims in the Arab near-east: What encounter?]. Proche Orient Chrétien, 58, 95-121.
  • Tabbara, N. (2008). Demeures, Nafs, Chakras : Comparaisons entre expériences mystiques Chrétienne, Musulmane et Védique [Comparisons between mystical experiences in Islam, Christianity and Vedic traditions]. L’Orient des Dieux, VII-IX, 91-106.
  • Tabbara, N. (2008). Knowing God in Islam through His Names. Dialogue of Truth for life together, 2, 15-42.
  • Tabbara, N. (2008). Ma’rifatu Allah fil Islâm [Knowing God in Islam]. Dialogue of Truth for life together, 2, 13-37.
  • Tabbara, N. (2008). La Parole de Dieu dans l’exégèse coranique : Du particulier à l’universel [The word of God in Qur’anic exegesis: From the particular to the universal]. In F. Daou (Ed.), Ecritures et traditions, diversité des lectures (pp. 107 - 122). Beirut: ISSR - USJ.
Major achievements: 
  • Recipient of the Scholarship for Summer Academy Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin, 2007.
  • Co-founder of ADYAN, 2006.
  • Recipient of the Scholarship for Theological Studies in Rome from the Pontifical Council for the Dialogue between Religions, 2001.

Awards and Distinctions

Civil Peace Award (for ADYAN) received by "Wahdatouna Khalasouna", 2011.

Berytech Incubation Award (received for ADYAN for best project for e-courses and teaching and training resources on Religious Issues) , 2008.