Nour Farra Haddad

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Personal information

Researcher, Professor, Managing Director

Contact information (private)

Sin El Fil
Mobile phone: 
961 3 733818
Personal email address:

Contact information (work)

NEOS s.a.r.l.
961 1 480376
Mobile phone: 
961 3 733818
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Doctorate degree (with distinction), Anthropology, 2004 - 2008, Lebanese University, Lebanon.
Postgraduate diploma (with distinction), Anthropology, 2001 - 2003, Lebanese University, Lebanon.
Certification ISO 9000 Auditor / Lead Auditor, 2000, Lloyd’ Register / Minds master, Lebanon.
Tourist Guide Diploma, 1999, Ministry of Tourism, Lebanon.
Master's degree, (with distinction), Anthropology, 1997 - 1998, Saint - Joseph University, Lebanon.
Bachelor degree, Anthropology, 1994 - 1997, Lebanese University, Lebanon.
Bachelor degree, Sociology & Public Relations, 1994 - 1996, Saint - Joseph University, Lebanon.

Areas of Expertise

Religious anthropology
Religious tourism
Guiding Tourists
Interfaith Dialogue
World Religions
Sustainable Tourism
Sustainable Development
Coordinating Events

Work history

Lecturer & Professor, 2013 - present, Faculty of Business and Economics, American University of Science and Technology (AUST).

Founder and Managing Director, 2009 – present, NEOS s.a.r.l. (Lebanon).

Lecturer & Professor, 2009 - present, Faculty of Science of Religions, Saint Joseph University.

Expert tourism consultant, 2003 - present, AL TILAL project, a training center for rural development for the Association for Development and Culture (ALDEC).

Expert tourism consultant, April 2009- present, Lebanese Maronite Order (Lebanon Roots).

Managing Director, September 2003 – April 2009, Lebanon Roots, Lebanese Maronite Order.

Consultant, June 2003 – June 2005, Info touristic center of Byblos (CAITB) project, Municipality of Byblos/ Byblos Festival.

Honorary office and memberships

Member of ADYAN, 2009 - present.

Vice President of the Lebanese Tourist Guide Syndicate.

Member of the Association of International Consultant.

Co-founder of the Association for the Promotion and Development of Pilgrimages and Religious Tourism in Lebanon (Bkerke).


Publications highlights: 
  • Farra Haddad, N. & Aubin-Boltanski, E. (2014). Présentifier les saints ou l’oscillation au cœur du croire en actes [Presence of the Saints : oscillation in the heart of the believes]. In E. Aubin Boltanski, A.S. Lamine & N., Luca, (Eds.), Proceedings of the Conference Croire en actes [Belief in acts]. Paris: L’Harmattan, 77-87.
  • Farra Haddad, N. (2013, June). Staging the extraordinary emergence of divine entities in the daily life of a visionary house in Beirut.Mediterranean Review, 6, 1, 43-65.
  • Farra Haddad, N. (2011). Pèlerinages et rituels dans le cadre d'un culte émergent au Liban. Les cas des sanctuaires de Abouna Yaacoub à Deir El Salib (le couvent de la croix) et à Ghazir [Pilgrimages and rituals as part of an emerging worship in Lebanon. Sanctuaries of Father Yaacoub in Deir El Salib (convent of the cross) and Ghazir]. Proche-Orient Chrétien, 62, 3-4, 289-311.
  • Farra Haddad, N. (2010). Figures et lieux de sainteté partagé au Liban [Shared holy figures and religious sites in Lebanon]. In L. Boisset & G. Homsy-Gottwalles (Eds.), Figures et lieux de sainteté en Christianisme et en Islam [Holy Figures and religious sites in Christianity and Islam].Beirut: Presse de l’Université Saint-Joseph, 163-191.
  • Farra Haddad, N. (2010). Cultes des saints, pèlerinages et enjeux politiques au Liban: quelques observations en milieu Chrétiens [Cults of saints, pilgrimages and politics in Lebanon: Observations in a Christian environment]. In F. Mermier & C. Varin (Eds.), Mémoires de guerres au Liban (1975-1990)[Memories of war in Lebanon (1975-1990)]. Paris: Sindbad, 575-588.
  • Farra Haddad, N. (2009). Ziyarat: Visits to saints, shared devotional practices and dialogue with "the other". In Electrochoks (Ed.), Hyphen Islam-Christianity. Beirut: Arab Printing Press, 656-669.
  • Farra Haddad, N. (2007). Les lieux de culte au Liban [Places of worship in Lebanon]. Beirut: Ministry of Tourism.
  • Farra Haddad, N. (2007). Liban, terre de pèlerinage: Hommage aux saints libanais [Lebanon, land of pilgrimage: Tribute to saints of Lebanon]. Beirut: Ministry of Tourism.
  • Farra Haddad, N. (2007). Grottes sacrées et lieux de culte rupestres au Liban [Sacred grottos and rocky places of workship]. Proceeding from the Middle-East Speleology Symposium 2006, Beirut.
  • Farra Haddad, N. (2005). Les pèlerinages votifs au Liban: Chemins de rencontres des communautés religieuses [The votive pilgrimages in Lebanon: Pathways for meetings of religious communities]. In S. Chiffoleau & A. Madoeuf (eds.), Les pèlerinages au Moyen-Orient: Espaces publics [Pilgrimages of the Middle East: Public spaces], pp. 379-396. Beirut: Institut Français du Proche-Orient.
  • Farra Haddad, N. (2002). Lieux de culte rupestre à Tannourine [Rocky Places of worship in Tannourine]. Proceedings of the Middle-East Speleology Symposium 2001, Beirut.
  • As a touristic consultant, Nour Farra Haddad has published two touristic guides:

    - Farra Haddad, N. (2013). Eco-Lebanon: Nature and rural tourism. A guide to unveil Lebanon. Beirut: Lebanon Traveler.
    - Farra Haddad, N., Boustany, H. & Abdel Karim Tyan, M. (Eds.). (2011). Wiz kids. Beirut: Mom's and to Be. [Best-selling guide for families with kids in Lebanon for 2 consecutive years].

Major achievements: 
  • Conference consultant for the Rencontre sur la pastorale du tourisme dans les pays du Moyen Orient et de l’Afrique du Nord [Meeting about pastoral care of tourism in the Middle East and North Africa], 5- 8 March 2003, Notre Dame, Lebanon.
  • Coordinator and tourist guide for the 26 First Ladies attending the “IXe Sommet de la Francophonie” [ninth Francophonie Summit] organized in October 2002 by the Ministry of Tourism, Lebanon.
  • Event consultant for the exhibition La Terre Vue du Ciel [Earth Seen from the Sky] by Yann Arthus Bertrand, July - August 2002, Le Monde gallery, Lebanon.
  • Conference consultant for the “1st conference on youth tourism in Lebanon” organized by the Lebanese Youth Hostel Federation on the 4th of June 2002 at Geffinor Rotana Hotel, Lebanon.
  • Conference consultant for the “Middle East Symposium of Speleology” organized by the Speleo Club du Liban at the Holy Spirit University in Kaslik, April 20 - 22, 2001, Lebanon.
  • Concert coordinator for the: “Beirut International Jazz Festival” (may 25-29, 1997) & “Electric Light Orchestra Concert” (December 1998).
  • Logistics and site coordinator for the: “Jazz Fusion Concert: Eleventh House” (November 1998) & Logistic person for the “Heineken Jazz Festival” (May 26-30, 1998).