Hind al Soufi

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Personal information

Art Critic, Professor, Researcher

Contact information (work)

Lebanese Artists Painters and Sculptors Association
Al Mina st., Kabbara Bldg. (Maison du Cafe), 3rd fl.
961 6 612621
961 6 612621
Mobile phone: 
961 3 671600
Work email address: 


Doctorate degree, Sciences of Art, 1998, Université Paris VIII, France.
Higher studies diploma, Fine Arts, 1984, Lebanese University, Lebanon.
Postgraduate diploma, History of Economic Thought, 1983, Sorbonne, Paris, France.
Master's degree, Economics, 1974, Saint - Joseph University, Lebanon

Areas of Expertise

Arts Sciences

Work history

Lecturer, 1997 - 2005, Faculty of Architecture, Arts & Design, Notre Dame University.

Lecturer, 1994 - 2003, Faculty of Arts, Balamand University.

Lecturer, 1997 - 2001, Faculty of Education, Lebanese University.

Lecturer, 1999 - 2001, Holy Spirit University.

Honorary office and memberships

President, Lebanese Artists Painters and Sculptors Association, 2009 - present.

President, Tripoli International Festival Association, 2000 - present.

Founder & Program Coordinator, Youth Forum / Parliament, 2005 - present.

Head of the Economic Committee, National Commission for Lebanese Women, 2008.

Founder of Al Fayhaa Choir, winner of the First Award at The International Competition of Choirs/ Varsovia Poland, 2002.


Publications highlights: 
  • Soufi, H. (2008, April). Tamathoulat al-Jens finnas atashkili [Representation of sexuality in visual texts]. Majallat al'amara walfan [Journal of Art and Architecture], 2.
  • Soufi, H. (2008). Arriyada bil'arabiya: Qira'a fi fan al-houroufiya [Leadership in Arabic: Reading in the art of calligraphy]. In M. Chahine, F. Ben Omar & H. Soufi, Bayn al-mansous walmabsour [Between the written and the seen], pp. 159 - 260. Sharjah: Dar athaqafa wal I'lam.
  • Soufi, H. (2008). Al mar`a wal'amal al'am [Women and labor]. Tripoli: Ara` Cultural Association.
  • Soufi, H. (2006). Ayqounat athoukoura bayna athabat wattahawoulat [The icon of masculinity between stability and transformations]. In A. Al-Amin, C. Boustany, M. Chaoul, & H. Soufi, Tafkik mafhoum athoukoura al-mouhaymina: Arroujoula waloubouwwa al-yawm [Dismantling the prevailing concept of masculity: Masculinity and Fatherhood nowadays]. Beirut: Association of Lebanese Women Researchers.
  • Soufi, H. (2002). Al kota filawsat ashababiya [Quota among the youth]. Beirut: Lebanese Council of Women.
  • Soufi, H. (2001). Al-ma'loumat al-mouta'alliqa bilma'aref 'an alumam almuttahida fi koutob attarbiya al-wataniya wattanish`a al-madaniyya [Information on the knowledge of the United Nations in the books of national education and civic education]. Unpublished study for the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.
  • Soufi, H. (1999). Dawr al-hay`at annisa`iya ghayr al-houkoumiya fi rasm assiyasat al-'amma. Unpublished paper presented at the conference organized by the Foundation for International Training, Mariot Hotel, Beirut, 15 - 16 July.
Major achievements: 
  • Author of two film scenarios: Documentary on Youth Participation in the Elections (2007) & Documentary on women participation in Decision Making (1999).
  • Author of more than 60 articles and newspaper columns in the art critique genre, 1986 - present.
Exhibitions, Lectures, & Performances: 
  • Group exhibitions: Algeria, Cultural Capital (2008); 50 years Celebration of Art /LAAPS (2007); Biennale of Iran (2006); and Damascus Art Exhibition (2005).

Awards and Distinctions

Art Critic Competition Award (Sharjah, UAE), 2007.

Honors From Tripoli Municipality for Founding Al Fayhaa Choir, 2003.

Best Assemblage for a Tree Form Competition, 2003.