Who Is She

Personal information

Actress, Executive Producer
Randa Joseph Asmar

What I have done for Lebanon

The main thing that I have given Lebanon is that I have never left my country ever since I was born. After more than 50 years, I may consider myself as a witness of the good and the bad moments, the good and the bad people, the good and the bad achievements.

My main choice was always to give my country not only the goodness that God may have shown me on some crossing paths, but the best of what I may be capable of.

I am proud to have been granted awards and honored several times in my career on an international level, with the feeling that this or that award is a wonderful gift to my bleeding country, shouting out loud: Long live Lebanon.

Contact information / Work

Samir Kassir Foundation, Ashrafieh-63, Sioufi Str., Ashrafieh Hospital Bldg.
961 1 397334 & 961 1 397331
961 1 397334 & 961 1 397331
961 3 372717


  • Master Degree, University of Holy Spirit Kaslik, 2014
  • Bachelor degree, Performing Arts (Theater), 1984, School of Fine Arts, Lebanese University, Lebanon.
  • Diploma, Administrative Assistant, 1981, Young Women Christian Association (YWCA), Lebanon.

Areas of expertise

  • Acting
  • Theatre Translation
  • Production
  • Festival Organization
  • Theater Management
  • Public Relations
  • Arabic
  • French
  • English

Work history

  •  Teacher at the Theatre and Cinema departments, the Lebanese University of Fine Arts, Lebanon, since 2014
  •  Manager of Beirut Spring Festival, since 2009, Samir Kassir Foundation.
  •  Executive Manager, 2005 - 2008, Al-Madina Theater.


Exhibitions, lectures & performances: 
  • Actress, “Al Chakikatane” (TV series) written by Claudia Marchalian and directed by Samir Habchi, LBCI 2016
  •  Actress, “The Cherry Orchard” (Theatre Play) written by Anton Tchekhov and directed by Carlos Chahine, 2015
  • Translator of “Le Dieu du Carnage” (Theatre Play) written by Yasmina Reza and directed by Carlos Chahine, 2014
  • Actress in “Yasmina” (TV series) written by Marwan El Abd and directed by Elie Maalouf, LBCI, 2014
  • Executive producer and actress, the monodrama "Viva La Diva" [Theater Play] written by Hoda Barakat and directed by Nabil Al - Azan, 2010, Babel Theatre (Lebanon)& production of La Barraca Cie (France).
  •  Actress, "Gibran Khalil Gibran" [Television Series] written by Alexandre Najjar and directed by Samir Habchi, 2008, Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation International (LBCI), Lebanon.
  •  Producer and Actress, "Alarms and Excursions" [Theater Play] written by Michael Frayn and directed by Gabriel Yammine, 2008, Al Madina Theater & different festivals in Arab countries.
  • Producer and Actress, "The Hymn" [Theater Play] written by Georgy Schawjda and directed by Gabriel Yammine, 2006 - 2007, Athénée theater (Lebanon), Abu Dhabi, Tunis, & Cairo.
  •  Actress, " The Kite" [Film] directed by Randa Chahhal Sabbagh, 2004, winner of Silver Lion Award in Venice Festival.
  • Actress, "Brisbane Immigrant" [Theater Play] written by Georges Schehadeh and directed by Nabil Al-Azan, 2004, winner of the Best Costumes Award, Baalbeck International Festival & Jordan Festival of Theater.
  • Actress, Le Collier d’Hélène [The necklace of Helene] [Theater Play] written by Carole Fréchette and directed by Nabil Al-Azan, 2002 - 2004, Lebanon (Beirut, Saida, & Tripoli), Syria (Damascus), France (Limoges Festival, Paris at the Theatre du Rond Point & 30 other cities).
  •  Actress and Translator, "Three tall women" [Theater Play] written by Edward Albee and directed by Nidal Al-Achkar, 1999 - 2000, Abu Dhabi, Amman, Tunis, & Cairo.
  • Actress, "The Maids" [Theater Play] written by Jean Genêt and directed by Jawad al-Assadi, 1994, 1995, & 1996, Lebanon, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, & Paris.
  • Actress, "Al Assifa Tahoubbou Marratayn" [The storm blows twice] [Television Series, 177 episodes] written by Chucri Anis Fakhoury and directed by Milad El-Hachem , 1995 - 1997, Tele Liban.
  •  Actress, Nissa’ Fil Assifah [Women in the storm] [Television Series, 150 episodes] written by Chucri Anis Fakhoury and directed by Milad El-Hachem , 1997 - 1999, Tele Liban.

Awards and Distinctions

  • Honorary distinction, festival Sharm El Sheikh for Young Theater, Egypt, 2017
  • Honorary distinction, the Arab Theatre Institute, Sharjah, at the Edition of Qatar, 2013.
  • Honorary trophies during theater festivals: Tunis (2007), Jordan (2008 - 2010), & Lebanon (2010).
  • Silver Lion Award in the Venice Film Festival for the film "The Kyte" by Randa Chahhal, 2004.
  • Best Play Award at the Carthage Theatre Days (Tunis), the play “Man of la Mancha” directed by Raymond Gebara, 1986.
  • Best Young Actress Award at the Baghdad Theatre Festival (Iraq) for the role of Dulcinea in the play "Man of la Mancha" directed by Raymond Gebara, 1985.