Joumana Haddad
Associated organisations: 
Media Institution
Field(s) of expertise: 
Women's Rights
Areas of Impact: 
Gender Equality

Personal information

Joumana Haddad
Author, Public Speaker, Journalist, Women’s rights activist

Contact information (Work)

Al Hurra TV station

Social Media

Work history

Previous Professions: 
  • TV journalist and host, 2018-present, Al Hurra TV station. 
  • Instructor, 2012-2016, Lebanese American University.
  • Cultural editor, 2005-2017, An Nahar newspaper.
  • Founder and Editor in Chief, 2009-2011, Jasad Magazine.
  • Administrator, 2007-2011, International Prize for Arabic Fiction (IPAF).
  • Journalist, 1997-2005, An Nahar Newspaper.


Major Achievements

Publications (Books, Articles, Reports, etc.): 


Bibliography and translations of her books in English:

  • Haddad, J. (2018). The Seamstress' Daughter,  Beirut: Nawfal
  •  Haddad, J. (2016). The Third Sex, Beirut: Nawfal
  •  Haddad, J. (2012). Superman is an Arab. United Kingdom: Westbourne Press.
  • Haddad, J. (2010). I killed Scheherazade. United Kingdom: Saqi Books.
  •  Haddad, J. (2008). Invitation to a Secret Feast, poetry, USA: Tupelo Press
  •  Haddad, J. (2008). Madinah, city stories from the Middle East, anthology, UK: Comma Press

Bibliography in Arabic:

  • Haddad, J. (2014). Cages, Theatre
  • Haddad, J. (2012). Geology of the I, poetry
  • Haddad, J. (2008) Mirrors of the passers by, poetry
  • Haddad, J. (2007). Bad habits, selected poems
  • Haddad, J. (2007). Death will come and it will have your eyes, Anthology of 150 poets who committed suicide

 • Haddad, J. (2004) The return of Lilith, poetry

Bibliography in Italian:

  • Haddad, J. (2011). Le sette vite di Luca, Children's literatureMondadori Junior, Milan, Italy.

Bibliography in Spanish:

  • Haddad, J. (2006). Allí donde el río se incendia, Antología poética, 2005, Ediciones De Aquí, Málaga, Espana, , Fundación Editorial El Perro y la Rana, Caracas, Venezuela.

Bibliography in French:

  • Haddad, J. (1995). Le temps d'un rêve, Poésie
  • Haddad, J. (2010). Les amants ne devraient porter que des mocassins, littérature érotique, Editions Humus.


  • Was listed on the "Beirut-39" list for being one of the 39 most interesting Arab writers under 39, 2009.
  • Selected yearly as one of the world’s 100 most powerful Arab women for four years in a row by Arabian Business Magazine.
  • Received the "Career Poetry Prize" by the ArchiculturaFoundation in Acquiterme, Italy, 2014.
  • Received the Cutuli Prize for journalism in Catania, Italy, 2012.
  • Received the "Rodolfo Gentili Prize" for her support of women's rights, 2010.
  • Received the "Blue Metropolis Arab Literary Prize" during the Montreal International Literary Festival organized by the Blue Metropolis Foundation for her literary achievements, 2010.
  • Received the "International Prize North-South Prize" by the Pescarabruzzo Foundation for her poetry writings, 2009.
  • Received the "Arab Press Prize" for her cultural Journalistic achievements, 2006.

Competences & Skills

Field(s) of Expertise: 
  • Women Rights
  • Freedom of expression 
  • Personal liberties
  • Literature
  • Arabic
  • French
  • English
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Armenian