Who Is She

Personal information

Rabab Al-Sadr

What I have done for Lebanon

In the context where Lebanese leaders and communities have diverse standings and concerns, sustainable achievements are read in terms of inclusion, empowerment and peace.  

  • Bringing the women to the front line of the solution in a context where woman was viewed as passive problem. Thousands of orphans and vulnerable girls have been empowered to meet tangible opportunities and enjoy an entirely different life.
  • Promoting the concept of inclusion in terms of providing equal opportunities to all individuals irrespective of their race, color, sex, or social and ideological backgrounds. 
  • Defining and applying education as means for realizing the noble goals of equity, peace and affluence.

Contact information / Private

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1107 - 2020

Contact information / Work

Imam Sadr Foundation
Cultural Compound
741610 7 961 و 741190 7 961
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  • Doctorate degree, Philosophy, 2009 - present (under preparation), Lebanese University, Lebanon.
  • Master's degree, Philosophy, 2009, Lebanese University, Lebanon.
  • Bachelor degree, Philosophy, 1994, Lebanese University, Lebanon.
  • Baccalaureate (part II), 1976.

Areas of expertise

  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Leadership
  • Rural Community Development
  • Inter-Faith Dialogue
  • Persian
  • Arabic
  • English

Work history

  • Managing Director and Chairperson, 1962 - present, Imam Sadr Foundation.


Major achievements: 
  • Founder of the Imam Mussa Sadr Center for Research and Studies.
  • Giving lectures about different topics including freedom, reform, human rights, human development, dialogue, family, rights and the role of women.
  • Organizing several conferences about different topics such as: human development (religious, social and epistemological Aspects, freedom, Reform and Change, humane, national, and legal dimensions of Imam Al-Sadr’s case, contemporary media, dialogue of civilizations, and resistance.

Awards and Distinctions

  • The Honorary Doctorate in Humane Letters from the Lebanese American University-Lebanon, 2006.
  • A Recognition Certificate from the General Secretary of the United Nations, 2000.
  • The Cedar Award, Knight’s Rank, 1993.
  • The Golden Award (La Grande Médaille D’or avec Croix et Cordon), awarded by Charity and Humanitarian Work Committee in France, 1992.
  • Medal of Recognition (Cross Pro Merito Melitensi) awarded by the Sovereign Order of Malta (L’ordre Souverein de Malte), 1991.