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Personal information

Co-founder, President
Ogarit Younan

What I have done for Lebanon

All my life I lived in Lebanon, with daily initiatives and activities in and for all the regions, witnessing the ‘war periods’ and the ‘fragile peace’ periods, choosing To Be a volunteer intellectual nonviolent activist and writer for justice and love.  

Contributing in the formation of new generations of activists and the first trainers and animators on non-violence, citizenship, human rights, conflicts, humane education, civil campaigns, and non-sectarianism, since 1983, which was a crucial transformative element towards a new kind of civil society in Lebanon.

Institutionalizing the culture of non-violence on academic and civil society levels, including the foundation of a first of its kind university in Lebanon, the Arab region and worldwide.

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Contact information / Work

Academic University for Non-violence and Human Rights (AUNOHR)
17 5772 – Gemayzeh
445333 1 961
445333 1 961
111445 3 961 & 111382 70 961


  • Sociology and Education, doctorate degree, Lebanese University and La Sorbonne.

Areas of expertise

  • Sociology
  • Non-Violence
  • Education
  • Sectarianism
  • Human Rights
  • Gender based Discrimination
  • Civil Society
  • Arabic
  • French
  • English

Work history

  • Voluntary work since 1982, including her last engagement since 2009 as Founder & General Academic supervisor in The Academic University for Non-Violence and Human Rights (AUNOHR).

Honorary office and memberships

  • Co-Founder of the Lebanese Association for Civil Rights (LACR), 2003.
  • Founding Member of the project “Non-Violence, Non-Sectarian & Democratic Houses” - BILAD, 2004.
  • Consultant in the National Committee to amend the educational curriculum and unify the civic education book, 1998.
  • Initiator & General Coordinator (with Dr. Walid Slaybi) of the National Campaign for a Lebanese Personal Status Law, 1997.
  • Initiator & General Coordinator (with Dr. Walid Slaybi) of the National Campaign to Abolish the Death Penalty in Lebanon, 1997.


Publications highlights: 
  • Younan, O. (2018). ’Al-ahwal al-shakhsiyya fi loubnan since 1917, Research & Documentation report for a global strategy’, Beirut: Author.
  • Younan, O. (2013). Nakoul la lel-I’dam [We say NO to the Death Penalty]. Philosophical concepts and training manual. Beirut: Lebanese Association for Civil Rights (LACR), translated in French.
  • Younan, O. (2005). Kayfa la natarabba 'al al-ta'ifiya [How we can avoid being raised on sectarianism?]. Beirut: Lebanese Association for Civil Rights (LACR), translated in English.
  • Younan, O. (1996, 1st text in 1992). kayfa natarabba 'ala al-ta`ifiyya [How we are raised on sectarianism]. Beirut: Dar al-Jadid and Movement for People's Rights (MPR), translated in English.
  • Younan, O. (1998). Dirasat mouqarina bayna mashari' al-ahwal al-shakhsiyya fi loubnan mounthou al-khamsinat [Comparative study on personal status laws in Lebanon]. Beirut: Author.
  • Younan, O. (2000). Badil 'an al-ta'lim al-dini al-ilzami fi al-madares. [Alternative to the obligatory religious education in schools). Beirut: Movement for People's Rights (MPR).
  • Younan, O. (2003). Barnamage tamkin al-mar'a al-arabia 'abra mahou al-oummiya [Empowering Arab women through literacy program]. Beirut: Institute for Women's Studies in the Arab World at the Lebanese American University.
Major achievements: 
  • Succeeding to sign an agreement with the Ministry of Education & the Center of Education for Researches and Development (CERD/ CRDP) to introduce officially and for the first time the “culture of non-violence’ in the curricula from the kindergarten to secondary classes and for the whole schools in Lebanon (2018). 
  • Co-founding, with the non-violent thinker Dr. Walid Slaybi, the first university in Lebanon and the Arab world for specialization in the areas of Non-Violence and Human Rights (AUNOHR, 2014), (Pilot project since 2009).
  • Initiating the modern interactive training in Lebanon since 1983 and creating tens of methods on psycho-political and psycho-social levels which were disseminated and adopted by several academic and civil society institutions in Lebanon and in number of Arab countries since the midst of the eighties.
  • Developing a project of law for civil marriage “Lebanese Law for Personal Status” (244 articles), the only one introduced to the parliament and accepted on the agenda of the common parliamentary commissions (2011), and which was adopted by the National Campaign for Civil Personal Status.

Awards and Distinctions

  • The PAX Christi International Peace Award, 2006.
  • The French Republic Human Rights Award, 2005.
  • The PAX Christi International Peace Award, 2006.
  • The French Republic Human Rights Award, 2005.