Narmine Khansa
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Quality Education

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Narmine Khansa
Writer, Novelist

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Community/Lebanon Impact

What I did to Lebanon is far less than what I dream of and what it deserves. from my position as the head of the Cultural Committee of the Arab Cultural Club and responsible also for the cultural program at Beirut international arab book fair , I always work to highlight Lebanon's cultural and civilizational face to the world through the cultural activities which I organized it  in the center of the Arab cultural club and book fair. I am also trying hard to bridge the gap between the rising generation and culture. In this regard, I have organized dozens of dialogue meetings between the writers and school students in order to listen to their views and know the reasons that keep them away from the habit of reading and engaging in the cultural atmosphere

On the other hand, through my novels, I try to illuminate many social, cultural and humanitarian aspects especially the effects of the wars that Lebanon witnessed on most Lebanese. Also I  write about the crises of our current Lebanese reality, perhaps this will contribute to the dissemination of national and cultural awareness among Lebanese generations .

Work history

Major Achievements

Publications (Books, Articles, Reports, etc.): 
  • Khansa, N(2015). Shakhson akhar (Novel). Dar  saer al - Mashrek.]
  • Khansa, N(2013). Nasybek fe aljanna (Novel). Dar Arab Scientific Publishers.
  • Khansa, N. (2008). Sa'at Marmoura [Marmoura's watch] (Novel). Beirut: Dar al-Saki.
  • Khansa, N. (2005). Hathayaan thaakira [Delirium of a memory] (Novel). Beirut: Lebanese Book Academy.
  • Khansa, N. (2002). Mir`aat 'ashtaroot [Astarte's mirror] (Novel). Beirut: Dar al - Farabi.
  • Khansa, N. (2000). Toofoola fi 'ohdat af'aa [Childhood in the custody of a snake] (Short Story). Beirut: Dar al - Farabi.
Major achievements: 
  • Organizing dozens of cultural activities at the Arab Cultural Club and Beirut International Arab Book fair
  1. Kamal Jumblatt 's Day at the Book Fair.
  2. The reality of Lebanese cinema and its prospects. Book Fair.
  3. Communication in Arabic - dialogue between teacher and learner - Book Fair.
  4. The reading crisis in Lebanon. Book Fair.
  5. Tribute to late artist Mohammed Ali Shams Al din Book Fair.
  6. Tribute to late Jacob Al - Shadrawi. Book Fair 
  • Organizing the Arab Novelists Forum, in collaboration with organizers of the Beirut Book Capital (53rd Book Fair), 2009.
  1. Tribute to the following Palestinian Artists: Mahmoud Said, May el-Masri, Aarine Omari, Rashid Mehraoui, Zinati Qudsiya, & Hani Al-Saadi, 2010.
  2. Tribute to late poets Elias Abou Chabkeh, al-Akhtal Assaghir, & Eliya Abou Madi, 52nd Book Fair, 2008.
  3. Tribute to late great poet Nizar Qabbani, 51st Book Fair, 2007.
  • Acting as Master of ceremony during the following events:
  1. Tribute to Artist Antoine Kerbage, 2009.
  2.  Tribute to Rahbani Brothers, 52nd Book Fair, 2008.
  3. Tribute to poets Muhammad Shams Eddine.
  • Organizing honoring ceremonies on the International Women's Day for prominent Lebanese women in various fields (Amalie Nasrallah - Linda Matar - Anisa Alnajjar - Dr. Biann Nuwahed Al Hout, Salwa Siniora Baasiri - Lina Dada, Heba Qawas) was honored at the headquarters of the Arab Cultural Club
  • Organized and managed dozens of literary and poetry meetings at the Arab Cultural Club and at the Beirut International Arab Book Fair.
  • At the invitation of the Arab Thought Foundation, the League of Arab States and the Gulf Cooperation Council, she represented the Arab Cultural Club and participated in Fikr 15 Conference (Cultural Integration) 2016
  • At the invitation of the UNESCO-Beirut Office and the Lebanese National Commission for UNESCO, as part of the "Haur" program, she participated in a symposium on cultural diversity for dialogue and development
  • Numerous meetings are held on her novels with secondary school students in private and public schools, and many schools have introduced her novels in her curriculum


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  • Writing Novels
  • Arabic
  • English