Who Is She

Personal information

Independent Consultant Regional director Lebanon/ Syria for Dorcas aid international
Najla Marie Louise Tabet Chahda

What I have done for Lebanon

Has initiated in1997 the attention of different government’s bodies, civil society institutions and law enforcements agencies on the abuse and exploitation of migrant workers and refugees.

Developed and delivered specialized curricula on the protection of migrants workers and other diverse topics such as shelter management, hotline management, pre-departure orientations, rights& responsibilities of migrants and refugees, human rights, and other topics.

Developed and delivered training programs to UN agencies, other NGO staff, human rights defenders, and ministries of the Lebanese Government.

Forged a precedent-setting relationship with the Lebanese Authorities, which serves as a model in the Middle East.

Contact information / Private

Baabda, Lahoud Bldg.
961 5 921422
961 3 300586

Contact information / Work

Dorcas aid international
Postbox: Baabda 186
Bouchrieh – hankashe street -Garden Building 2nd floor
961 1 873458
961 3 300586


  • P.H.D in social legal science,2018-Ain Chams university - Cairo
  • Master's Degree, Business Administration International / Emphasis: Enterprise Management, 2008-2009, Saint Joseph University, Lebanon in affiliation with Paris Dauphine-Sorbone.
  • Master's Degree, Psychological Issues in War-Torn Societies, 2007- 2008, Lebanese University, Lebanon.
  • Master's Degree, Social Work / Social Economic Context of Refugees in Lebanon, 2006- 2007, Saint Joseph University, Lebanon.
  • Diploma, Community Health, 2004, Saint Joseph University, Lebanon.
  • Bachelor Degree, Social Work, 1989- 1991, Saint Joseph University, Lebanon.
  • Bachelor Degree, Political and Administrative Sciences, 1977- 1980, Saint Joseph University, Lebanon.

Areas of expertise

  • Human Rights, Women's Rights and Migrants' Rights
  • Human Trafficking
  • Social Work
  • Emergency Response
  • Contingency & Strategic Planning
  • Management
  • Training
  • Community Health
  • Arabic
  • French
  • English

Work history

  • Regional director for Lebanon/Syria for Dorcas  aid international June 2015-present
  • Independent Consultant on Migration and Human Trafficking, 2009 - present.
  • Director of the Caritas Lebanon Migrant Center, 2001- present, Caritas Lebanon, Lebanon.
  • Training Instructor in Public Health, 2003 - 2011, Lebanese University, Lebanon.
  • Director of The Humanitarian Response Unit, 2006 - 2009, Caritas Lebanon, Lebanon.
  • Coordinator of the Caritas Lebanon Migrant Center, 1995 - 2001, Caritas Lebanon, Lebanon.
  • Social worker, 1988 - 1996, Caritas Lebanon, Lebanon.

Honorary office and memberships

  • Co- founder of  NGO migration services and development
  • Alumni Member of the Middle East Entrepreneur Training Program (MEET) , 2009- present.
  • Founding Member of the "Women, Faith, and Development Alliance Leadership Council" (United States of America), 2008.


Publications highlights: 
  • Chahda, N., & Bejjani, F. (2010). Centre interculturel pour migrants [Intercultural center for migrants]. Professional Project. Beirut: Saint Joseph University.
  • Varady, C. J., & Chahda, N. (2008). A methodology for Iraqi refugee health. Perspectives on Global Issues, 2 (2), 7- 13.
  • Chahda, N. (2008). Création d'une Unité Spécialisée Pour le Soutien Psycho-Social[Creation of a special unit for psycho-social support]. Unpublished master's thesis, Lebanese University, Lebanon.
  • Chahda, N. (2007). Le Devoir D'agir et de Réagir Pour Combattre les Violations des Droits des Migrants [The duty to act and react to combat the violations of migrants' rights]. Unpublished master's thesis, Saint Joseph University.