Who Is She

Personal information

Head of the Arbitration Council of the Green Party of Lebanon
Nada Ghorayeb Zaarour

What I have done for Lebanon

Nada Zaarour has committed to fight climate change through  a program called lebanon Climate Act  .
The importance of this program being it the first in the region advocating climate change commitments amongst the private sector in the technical Business Knowledge Platform format, and the international visibility that it is acquiring through its presentation in different international events and conferences.

The role that Nada Zaarour has on the national level in encouraging this initiatives in promoting sustainability in Lebanon   in order to create economic value from implementing climate actions to contribute in order to get results while witnessing economic growth.

Contact information / Private

190019 3 961

Contact information / Work

Green Party of Lebanon
Metn –Cornet Chehwan, St. 9


  • Bachelor degree, Musicology, 1997, Holy Spirit University, Lebanon.
  • Lebanese Baccalaureate certificate (Experimental Sciences, Part II), 1978, Evangelical School (Rabieh), Lebanon.

Areas of expertise

  • Environment and Development
  • Political Science
  • Arabic
  • English
  • French

Work history

  • Member of the civil Lebanese society dialogue  (2014 - current).
  • Member of the National Coalition for the Political Participation of Women (National Alliance for Supporting the Political Participation of Women), 2017 - present.
  • Member of the Board of Directors of the Network for Climate Action in the Arab World (CANAW) within the regional network of CANAI International, 2017.
  • Chairman and founder of Green Mind NGO, 2012-present.
  • Elected President of the Green Party of Lebanon, 2011 – 2018.
  • Elected Vice President, 2008-2011.
  • Founder of the Green Party of Lebanon, 2004.

Honorary office and memberships

  • Founding member of the Lebanon Mountain Trail Association (LMT) , 2005 - present.
  • Founding member of the Green Party of Lebanon, 2004 - present.
  • Founding member and a member of the Board of Trustees of a National Development Environmental, and Educational Association BALDATI, 2003 - present.
  • Eco-Religious Program coordinator for Harissa Forest and Kadisha Valley Committees with the Maronite Archbishopric, 2003 - present.
  • Eco-Religious Program coordinator with religious authorities in Lebanon, and abroad with the Alliance for Religions and Conservation (ARC), 2001 - present.
  • Environmental coordinator of the Maronite Diocese of Antelias, 2002 - present.
  • Active member of the Association for Forests, Development and Conservation, 2000 - present.


Major achievements: 
  • Attending and providing support to several national training courses on the role of citizens and non- governmental organizations in policy making, environment and conservation, development and strategic development.
  • Participating in several international conferences and training activities on environmental issues in many countries including Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Italy, Egypt, England, France, Dubai, Nepal, and Egypt.
  • Conducting training workshops targeting different local communities in sensitive forest areas all over Lebanon.
  • Implementing awareness raising campaigns targeting the public at large and the educational sector including schools and universities.
  • Founding the project of Environmental Police at the Municipal Council of Kornet – Chehwan year 2000 in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment.
  • Participation in Political Life:
  • - Nominated in the name of the Green Party on municipal elections in 2010

    - Nominated in the name of the Green Party on the Lebanese parliamentary elections 2013.

    - Nominated in the name of the Green Party on the Lebanese parliamentary elections 2018.

Awards and Distinctions

  • Honored by Mrs. Wafa Michel Sleiman, First Lady of the Lebanese Republic and President of the National Commission for Lebanese Women, for leadership in protecting the environment, February 2010.
  • Environmental Sustainability Award 2010 “was handed out to Mrs. Nada Zaarour in recognition of outstanding environmental initiatives, who have made a difference on the environmental and sustainability scenes in Lebanon, who have understood the urgency of the green matter and are actively working for a greener tomorrow.”