Who Is She

Personal information

Content Architect / TV Writer-Director
Mouna Mounayer

What I have done for Lebanon

Mouna moved to Beirut in 1994 to see what she could do to help in the rebuilding effort after the Civil War. As part of her pro-bono portfolio for Lebanon, she has made films for the Ministry of Culture, The National Museum, Lebanese Presidential Office of the First Lady, The General Directorate of the Presidential Palace of the Lebanese Republic, The Neonate Fund (American University of Beirut), Lebanese Internal Security Ministry, The Lebanese National Library. Mouna penned her company’s slogan; ‘Making Screens Worth Watching’ to underline the importance, to her, of creating intelligent, effective as well as entertaining content.

Contact information / Private

Contact information / Work

Management / Operations
961 3 187377


  • Bachelor Degree, Archaeology of Western Asia, 1989- 1992, Institute of Archaeology, University College London, United Kingdom.

Areas of expertise

  • Film and Television Production
  • TV Directing
  • Producing
  • Scriptwriting/Research
  • Archiving and Curation of Video Content
  • Metadata
  • Traditional and Digital Media Content
  • Arabic
  • English
  • French

Work history

  • Founding Partner, Content Architect, 2016 – present TRIARC
  • Founding Partner, Chief Creative Officer, 1993-2016, Firehorse Films


Publications highlights: 
  • Mounayer, M. (Director / Producer). (2018-2019). Cook with Aline (Cooking Show). Lebanon: TRIARC
  • Mounayer, M. (Director). (2013-2014) BACHIR (Documentary Series, 5 episodes, on the life of Bachir Gemayel). Lebanon: Firehorse / Quantum / MTV Lebanon
  • Mounayer, M. (Executive Producer). (2008-2011). Mouthir lil jadal [Controversial]. [Documentary]. Lebanon: Firehorse Films / Abu Dhabi Television
  • Mounayer, M. (Executive Producer). (2009-2010). Dubai 101 & Emirati [Documentary]. Lebanon: Firehorse Films / Dubai One
  • Mounayer, M. (Executive Producer). (2008-2010). Bechaghaf [With Passion]. [Documentary]. Lebanon: Firehorse Films / Future Television.
  • Mounayer, M. (Executive Producer / Director / Writer). (2008) The Question of Arab Unity. Qatar: Firehorse Films / Al Jazeera English Channel
  • Mounayer, M. (Executive Producer). (2008-2010). Zakirat al-Makan [Memory of a Place]. [Documentary]. Lebanon: Firehorse Films / Future Television
  • Mounayer, M. (Executive Producer). (2006). Al Moukayada Al Kobra (The Exchange) (Documentary). Lebanon / France: Firehorse Films / LBCI and Canal+
  • Mounayer, M. (Executive Producer). (2007). Al Zarqawi (Les Strategies de la Terreur). Lebanon / Germany: Firehorse Films / Arte / LBCI
  • Mounayer, M. (Director, Producer, Executive Producer and Scriptwriter). (2004-2007). World religions [Television Series]. Lebanon: Firehorse Films / Al Jazeera Documentary Channel
  • Mounayer, M. (Director, and Producer). (2002). The Egyptian Genesis [Television Series]. Lebanon: Firehorse Films and Signature Production / Canal +
  • Mounayer, M. (Director, Producer and Scriptwriter). (2000). The Living Martyr: Hezbollah Unveiled [Documentary]. Lebanon: Firehorse Films and Signature Production