Who Is She

Personal information

Former owner and Manager of a Bookshop, Arche de Noé
Leila Amad Bissat

What I have done for Lebanon

After a long stay out of Lebanon , because of the raging civil war , I came back to my country with my family , and decided to participate in the reconstruction project.

I lived in Europe for some time , and opened my eyes and mind to all developments happening on the cultural & educational scene.

My two children were young then , and with them I explored those fields.

Back home, my contribution was to establish a children’s bookstore, the Arche de Noé , and educational center where youngsters can come, read and participate in activities that are eye openers to the world.

I organized exihibits around to pics such as environment , history, art, science specially catered for kids, enhancing them to look at their country with new vision and belonging the Bookshop’s work lasted for 18 years , and is still. missed around on many levels specially in the realm of Arabic books for children , among others.

Contact information / Private

961 3 656366

Contact information / Work

Arch de Noe
Sadat str., Abdallah bldg., Hamra


  • Bachelor degree, Sociology, 1976, American University of Beirut.

Areas of expertise

  • Books and Educational Activities for Children
  • Cultural Activities
  • Philanthropy
  • Social Work
  • Story Telling for Children
  • Writing
  • Arabic
  • French
  • English
  • German

Work history

  • Manager and owner, 1993 - present, Arche de Noe bookstore (Beirut).

Honorary office and memberships

  • Founding member and board member of the Zaki Nassif Music Committee, 2007 - present.
  • Founding member and board member of the Friends of Lebanese Philharmoic Orchetra
  • Founding member of the children's periodical Quiraat Saghira(periodical on children s literature) & critic, 2002 -2007.
  • Member of executive committee of the Baalbeck Intenational Festival & responsible for communication, 1990 - present.


Publications highlights: 
  • Bissat, L. (2007). Of Symbols and stones: Memoirs of a traveler. Beirut: Dar An-Nahar.
  • Bissat Amad Leila. (2017) Of Whispers and Winds= Memorabilia of a Traveller.
Exhibitions, lectures & performances: 
  • Participating in Beirut World Book Capital in 2010: book exhibit, book signing, and conferences.
  • Beirut Between Past, Present, and Future: Rememberance of Old Beirut, exhibition about Beirut during the war and during the reconstruction phase, Biel during the annual event of Lire en francais (yearly exhibit of French books), 2002.
  • When Women Write, major book exhibition by women writers & book signing of their works, Arche de Noe, 1999.
  • A Green Planet, exhibition introducing for the first time the concept of environment preservation, organized under the auspices of the Town Hall of Paris, Beirut, 1994.
  • Participating in Jerusalem Culture Capital in 2010: Paitings exhibit by Palestinian artists Abdul Hay Musallam, book exhibit on Palestine, and conferences.
  • Participation in many panels and juries concerning children’s literature: Assabil, Ministry of culture, French Children’s Book fair in Montreuil France.

Awards and Distinctions

  • Winner of the first prize for window display at the competition organized by the Town Hall of Paris for bookstores in Lebanon, 2003.