Julia Kassar
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Alumni association of the American University of Beirut
Media Institution
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Performing Arts
Radio & Television
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Julia Kassar
Actress, Drama/Acting Teacher

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Lebanese University

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Julia is a Lebanese Actress. She is a holder of a Higher Education Diploma in Dramatic Arts from The Institute Of Fine Arts, at The Lebanese University(1987), and a Master of Arts in In  Visual and Performing Arts  )Theatre option) at The University Of  Holy Spirit Kaslik-USEK (2007).  She worked with many well-known directors in theater, film and television.

She was a presenter and anchor in several television cultural programs...She was a Treasurer and a Vice-president of the Syndicate of Lebanese Actors in Radio, Television, Cinema and Theater.

Julia is also an acting teacher, and coordinator at the Department of Theatre, Movie and Television at The Institute of Fine Arts (2) at the Lebanese University from 1998 until now.

She is a winner of numerous and prestigious acting awards, and a directing play award.

Work history

Previous Professions: 
  • Co-host of the talk show Hunna (Women’s Views), 2007 – present, Al-Hurra Television (Middle East Broadcasting Networks).
  • Acting Teacher, 2002 - present, Fine Arts Institute, Lebanese University.
  • Acting Teacher, 1998 - 2002, Faculty of pedagogy, Lebanese University.
  • Actress in different theatre plays, television series and movies, 1985 – present.

Major Achievements

Exhibitions, lectures & performances: 

Leading role in the following productions:

  • Abiad, L. (Director). (2001). Woman Alone [Theater Play].
  • Al - Achkar, N. (Director). (1996). Touqous al-isharat wa al-tahawoulat [Rituals for Signs and Metamorphosis]. [Theater Play].
  • Al-Assadi, J. (Director). (1994). Al-khadimatan [The two maids]. [Theater Play].
  • Hadjithomas, J. & Joreige, K. (Directors). (2005). A Perfect Day [Motion Picture].
  • Tamba, H. (Writer/Director). (2008). Melodrama Habibi [My lover's melodrama]. [Film].
  • Tamba, H. (Writer/Director). (2005). Beirut Ba'd al-helqa [After Shave]. [Short Film].

Theatre Plays:

  • Close to Here - Written and directed by Roy Dib, 2017.
  • The Dictator, directed by Lina Abyad, 2012.
  • Murder of Inna and her sisters, written and directed by Raymond Gebara, 2012.
  • Vitrine, collective writing, directed by Nehme Nehme, 2009.
  • Gibran and the Prophet , directed by Marwan Rahbani , 2005.
  • L’émigré de  Brisbane, directed by Nabil al Azan, 2004.
  • No? No Exit, directed by Siham Nasser, 2003


  • The Insult  of Ziad Doueiri, 2017.
  • Skin – Inaam Al Attar (short), 2017.
  • Nour  - Khalil Zaarour, 2017.
  • Vole mon amour  by Elie Salamé (short), 2016.
  • Yalla Aakbelkoun Chabeb  by Shadi Hanna, 2016.
  • Mahbas - Solitaire of Sophie Boutros, 2016.


  • 2018  Jury Mention For Best Actress in Solitaire – Beirut Interational Women Film Festival- 1st edition.
  • 2018  Golden Olive Award for life achievement at the NDUIFF- 12th Edition Notre Dame University Louaize.
  • 2018 Honorary Award from The Lebanese University – Faculty of Fine Arts and Architecture.
  • 2017 Special Mention Of The Jury for her roles in 3 films :“Tramontane ”, “Solitaire” and ”Go Home” at the 6th edition of “La Nuit Des Mabrouk.
  • 2017 Best  Leading Actress for “Congratulations” a  short film by Cynthia Sawma at the 4th OIFF Turin Cinefest.
  • 2016  Feature Muhr for Best Actress for a Leading  role in  “Tramontane” – Rabih a Film by Vatche Boulghourjian.at the 13th Dubai International Film Festival
  •  2016  : Best Actress Special Mention  for “Mabrouk”, directed by Cynthia Sawma- FestivalCinemator- Carros /France
  • 2013:Best direction of a play “The Servants”, for the Lebanese University – Fine Arts II - translated and directed by Julia Kassar “-International Festival of University Theatre Fez- 8th edition
  • 2013 The Best Play Award for "The Dictator",  directed by Lina Abyad, 5th Arab Theatre Festival,Qatar,January .
  • 2012 Award for Best Actress the film `Here Comes the Rain´, directed by Bahij Hojeij, Malmo Arab Film Festival .
  •  2011 Award for Best Actress for “Here Comes the Rain”, directed by Bahij Hojeij- 17th Rabat International Film Festival.
  • Cesar Award for the Best Short Film “After shave”, 2006.
  • Best Supporting Actress in the film Zinnar nar directed by Bahij Hojeij, Journées Cinématographiques de Carthage (JCC), 2004.
  • Silver Lion, Grand Prize of the Jury for Tiyyaret waraq directed by Randa Chahhal, Venice Film Festival, 2003.

Competences & Skills

Field(s) of Expertise: 
  • Performing Arts
  • Visual Arts
  • Arabic
  • French
  • English
  • Spanish