Who Is She

Personal information

Actress, Trainer, Researcher
Hanan Hajj Ali

Contact information / Private

961 1 736850

Contact information / Work

Al- Mawred Aththaqafi
961 1 381290


  • Master's degree, Theatre Studies, 2008, IESAV- Saint-Joseph University, Lebanon.
  • Certificate, Training of trainers (Cultural Management), 2005, European Cultural Association and Al-Mawred Aththaqafi Organization.
  • Higher studies (theatre and telecommunication), 1986 -1987, San Diego State University, United States of America.
  • Diploma, Higher Studies in Acting, 1982, Faculty of Fine Arts, Lebanese University, Lebanon.
  • Certificate of Competency for Secondary Level Teaching (CAPES) – Teaching Diploma, 1981, Faculty of Education, Lebanese University, Lebanon.
  • Bachelor degree, Biology, 1980, Lebanese University, Lebanon.

Areas of expertise

  • Acting
  • Education
  • Activism
  • Teaching (Theater and Communication Arts)
  • Training in Arts Management and Cultural Moderation
  • Research (Arts, Culture, and Social Sciences)
  • Arabic
  • French
  • English

Work history

  • Chairperson, Artististic Board, 2009 - present, Al- Mawred Aththaqafi organization.
  • Freelance Researcher and Writer, 2006 - present.
  • Cultural activist, 1999 - present, SHAMS Association
  • Teacher of Theater and Communication, 2005 - 2006, Institute of Applied Sciences, Lebanese University.
  • Teacher of Biology, 1981 - 1982, Public Schools (High School Level).
  • Freelance Actress, Artistic Trainer and Cultural Animator, 1978 - present.

Honorary office and memberships

  • Founder and general assembly member, Al Mawred Aththaqafy (Culture Resource organization), 2004 - present.
  • Founder, general assembly member, projects coordinator, and trainer, The Cooperative Cultural Association for Youth in Theatre and Cinema (SHAMS), 1999 - present.


Publications highlights: 
  • Hajj Ali, H. (2010). Teatre Bayrout [Beirut theatre]. Beirut: Amers editions.
  • Hajj Ali, H. (Ed.). (2010). Assiyasat aththaqagiya fi addowal al-arabiyya [Cultural Policies in the Arab World]. Beirut: Al-Mawred Aththaqafi Association, European Culture Foundation in collaboration with Dar al-Sharkiat, Beirut World Book Capital and the Lebanese Ministry of Culture.
  • Hajj Ali, H. (2010). Dirasat Hala: Al-Jam'iyya Atta'awniyya aththaqafiyya li Shabab al-Masrah wa Assinama (Shams) [Case Study: Cultural Cooperative Association for Youth in Theater and Cinema (Shams)]. In Lebanese Association of Women Researchers, Al-mumarasat aththaqafiya Lilshabab al-'Arab [Cultural practices of Arab youth]. Beirut: Lebanese Association of Women Researchers.
  • Hajj Ali, H. (2010). Identity cards. In Collectif, Arabitudes: L'altérité arabe au Québec . Montréal: Festival du Monde Arabe.
  • Hajj Ali, H., Makhlouf, B., Barham, B., & Al-Husseini, B. (2006 & 2009). Addalil li idarat aththaqafa [Guide to cultural management]. Beirut: Al-Mawred Aththaqafi Association and Dar al-Sharkiat.