Who Is She

Personal information

Documentary Producer, Columnist and Web Editor
Diana Moukalled

What I have done for Lebanon

A journalist & documentary producer/director with 25 years of experience in covering hot zones and writing and producing stories in the Middle East. Her war coverages included Lebanon, Afghanistan(2001), Iraq(2003), and Yemen(2015).

Diana has more than 50 hours of documentaries that tackled socio-political issues in the region and around the world;Women , minorities , human interest stories and many other topics. She started her career in 1993 as a general news reporter at Future TV covering news, political and social issues.

In 1999 she started working on documentary series called ”Bil Ain Almujaradah” that covered hot political and social topics in conflict zones.  

The documentaries shed lights on issues that were rarely raised by Arab media especially issues related to women, minorities and democracy.

In 2010, Diana was Head of Future TV website and social media pages.

In 2017, Diana and along with 2 other founders, have launched Daraj.com;  an independent media platform that addresses controversial issues that are underreported in the Arab region. Daraj was the only Arab media platform to be part of Paradise Papers by ICIJ.

Diana Moukalled is also a columnist for several publications. ​


Contact information / Private

Saint - George Towers, Block Omega, Sassine, Achrafieh

Contact information / Work

Future Television

Social Media


  • Bachelor's Degree, Faculty of Journalism, 1991 , Lebanese University, Lebanon.

Areas of expertise

  • Journalism
  • News Reporting
  • Producing Documentaries
  • TV Production
  • War Coverage
  • Social Media
  • Women Issues
  • Arabic
  • English

Work history

  • Freelance documentary producer, 2009–present.
  • Freelance Columnist (hot political and social issues), 2005-present, Asharq Al-awsatnewspaper. http://aawsat.com
  • Web and Social Media Editor, 2012-present, Future Television.
  • Program & Production Manager, 2007-2012, Future News Television.
  • News Reporter, 1993-2007, Future Television.
  • Producer and Host, Al-ayn al-mujarada [the naked eye], 1999–2004, Future Television.
  • Reporting from War Zones, Lebanon (1993, 1996, and 2006), Afghanistan (2001), and Iraq (2003), Future Television.


Publications highlights: 
  • Moukalled, D. (Producer). (2018). Against Me [film]. Beirut: KAFA (enough) Violence and exploitation.
  • Moukalled, D. (Producer). (2015). History of Lebanese Cinema  [documentary]. Aljazeera Documentary Channel.
  • Moukalled, D. (Producer). (2015). Samt al-ajras:Masihiyu Lubnan tarikhan wa hadiran[Silent bells: Christians of Lebanon, past and present] [documentary]. Dubai: Al-arabiya Channel.
  • Moukalled, D. (Producer). (2014). Visitors of the Cem, Alevis of Turkey [Walls of Yemen] [documentary].Dubai: Al-arabiya Channel.
  • Moukalled, D. (Producer). (2013). Judran al-Yemen [Walls of Yemen] [documentary]. Dubai: Al-arabiya Channel.
  • Moukalled, D. (Producer). (2013). Zuwar beit al-jami': Alawiyu Turkiya [Alawites of Turkey] [documentary]. Dubai: Al-arabiya Channel.
  • Moukalled, D. (Producer). (2011). 'An latifa wa 'ukhrayat[About Latifa and others] [documentary]. Beirut: KAFA (enough) Violence and exploitation.



Major achievements: 
  • Managing the content of the new media section of Future Television including: Website, social media pages and application.
  • Supervising all programs (production, content, look and grid), acquisition of documentaries and TV spots, as well as producing news specials and documentaries, Future News Television.
  • Producing more than 34 episodes of the television program Al-ayn al-mujarada [The naked eye], a documentary series that covered news in conflict areas and social issues, particularly problems of women and minorities in the region and in the world; namely, Women under Taliban (1999), Women in Iran (1999), Crimes of Honor in Jordan (2000), & New pop singers in the Arab world (2004).

Awards and Distinctions

  • Best Documentary Award, Lebanese University, 2001.