Who Is She

Personal information

Clinical Psychologist, Art Therapist, Educator, Writer, and Contemporary Artist
Anita Toutikian

What I have done for Lebanon

"You have your Lebanon and I have mine" said Gebrane Khalil Gebrane. For me Lebanon is a unique country, with unique geography, history and people. I have always praised Lebanon in my artworks. Although the mainstream art trend is to criticize Lebanon, I leave that to the journalists and activists, and as artist, I chose to show its beautiful side, and its contributions to the world. As a psychologist I do the same, I help people to see the beautiful Lebanon, and I offer a lot of volunteer and charitable work to assist the underprivileged in Lebanon.

Contact information / Private

+961 1 449451
+961 3 711131

Contact information / Work

Green Clinics
Sodeco, Independence Avenue, La Goulee Building, 5th Floor
616310 1 961+

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  • Doctorate degree, Clinical Psychology and Research in Art Therapy, 2009-2015, Saint Joseph University, Lebanon.
  • Master's degree, Clinical Psychology and Research in Art Therapy, 2002- 2006, Haigazian University, Lebanon.
  • Diploma, Drawing, Painting and Sculpture, 1992- 1995, Hamazkayine Tross Rosslin Fine Art Academy, Lebanon.
  • Diploma, Painting and Fashion Design, 1987- 1990, Académie Michel-Ange de Beaux Arts, Lebanon.

Areas of expertise

  • Clinical Psychology
  • Art Psychotherapy
  • Education
  • Contemporary Art
  • Arabic
  • Armenian
  • English
  • French
  • Turkish
  • Greek
  • Persian

Work history

  • Psychotherapy and Art Therapy (private practice), 2009-present.
  • Contemporary Artist, 1991-present.
  • School Psychologist, 2007- 2009, Armenian Evangelical Central High School.
  • Arts and Crafts Teacher, 2007- 2009, Armenian Evangelical Central High School.
  • Lecturer, 2007- 2008, Haigazian University and Notre Dame University.
  • Lecturer (Art Appreciation in Adult Education Program), 2004- 2005, Haigazian University.
  • Art and Culture Columnist, 2002-2003, Al-Hasnaa magazine (an Arab monthly woman magazine).
  • Exhibition Organizer and Co-curator, 1999- 2001, Arthur Matossian Art Center, Haigazian University.

Honorary office and memberships

  • Founding member of the Lebanese Psychological Association, 2004 - Present.
  • Founding member of Middle East Eating Disorders Association


Publications highlights: 
  • Toutikian, A. (2008).Counteractive art from the Middle East. Beirut: Shirak Printing Press.
Major achievements: 
  •  Researcher and trainer in interdisciplinary domain of clinical psychology, education and art therapy.
  • Activist in the advancement of social justice through art in schools and communities.
  •  Active member in humanitarian and cultural associations to defend women, children and family well-being.
  •  Art and culture columnist in numerous Armenian newspapers and periodicals published in Lebanon, 1993-2001.
Exhibitions, lectures & performances: 
  • Biennale of Larnaca – 2018
  • Art Installation at Athens Art Fair - 2018
  • Art installation "Exbroideries" at Istanbul Depo -2015
  •  Invited installation artist and speaker at the roundtable discussion, "Notion of Identity and Creation in the Middle East and North Africa", MENASART International Art Fair, Beirut, 2011 and 2012.
  •  Participated in the video and installation art show "Convergence, New Art From Lebanon" organized by Dr. Jack Rasmussen and co-curated by Ms. Amale Traboulsi, Museum Katzen Arts Center, American University, Washington D.C., 2010.
  •  Installation at the "Image et Mirage - VIeme Biennale Méditerranéenne des Arts de la Ville de Tunis" organized by the Association for Mediterranean Cultural Exchange (ECUME) , Palais Kheireddine Pacha, Tunisia, 2010.
  • Participated in the Baraka Art Initiative of Stanfordville "Gaza Rebirth", New York, 2010.
  •  Participated in the exhibition "Repairing the World: Middle East Peace Art Project", Weinstein Realty Exhibition Hall, Pennsylvania, United States of America, 2005- 2010.
  •  Participated in the contemporary art exhibition and auction "Remains to Be Seen" organized by the International Institute for Genocide and Human Rights, Lennox Contemporary, Toronto, 2009.
  •  Solo Painting exhibition and interactive installation, "Jyperconceptualism", Gallery Janine Rbeiz, Beirut, 2008.
  • Participated in the "Algiers Cultural Capital of the Arab World: Art and Feminine", National Museum of Modern and contemporary Art, Algiers, 2008.
  •  Participated in the "First Armenian Art Exhibition", New York, 2007.
  • Participated in the "Artists' View" exhibition, organized by Ms. Nadine Begdache, London, 2004

Awards and Distinctions

  • Honorary Mention from Sursock Museum for being a "Pioneer Conceptual Artist in Lebanon", 1997.
  • Awarded First Prize form Sursock Museum being a "Pioneer Installation Artist in Lebanon", 1998.