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Aida Sabra

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Actress, Director, Choreographer, Instructor
Aida Sabra

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  • Diploma, Modern Dance (merit scholarship), 1993, School Louise Lapierre, Canada.
  • Higher Studies Diploma, Dramatic Arts, 1986, Lebanese University, Lebanon.

Areas of expertise

  • Arts
  • Acting
  • Theatre 
  • Choreography 
  • Dancing
  • Mime 
  • Arabic
  • French

Work history

  • Professional Trainer (Theatre acting for professionals and amateurs), 2008 - present.
  • Instructor, 2008-present, Saint Joseph University.
  • Instructor (Corporal expression, mime, acting and dancing), 1995-2007-Institute of Fine Arts, Lebanese University.


Publications highlights: 
  • Sabra, A. (2003).Kabrit. Beirut: Dar Al-Farabi.
Exhibitions, lectures & performances: 
  • Director of several plays of which are the following:
  • -Sabra, A. (Writer and Director). 2018.Meteo Beyrouth. [Theatre Play]

    -Sabra, A. (Writer and Director). 2016. El Set Najah w Al Moftah [Lady Najah and the Key]. [Theatre Play].

    - Sabra, A. (Director). (2014). Men el-Ekhir. [From the end]. [Theatre Play]
    - Sabra, A. (Director). (2007). Hammam oumoumi [toilet lavatory]. [Theatre Play]
    - Sabra, A. & Baalbaki, Y. (Director). (2005). Khidlak kadshe [take a bite]. [Theatre Play]
    - Sabra, A. & Mahfoud, Z. (Director). (1999). Mamnou' ellams [don't touch]. [Theatre Play]

  • Leading role in several theatre productions as actress and/or dancer of which are the following:
    - Abiad, L. (Director). (2012). Al-dictator [the dictator]. [Theatre Play]. [The play received the Mohamad Al-Kassimi Award for best theatrical work in 2013].
    - Nehme, N. (Director). (2010). Vitrine [windowshop]. [Theatre Play].
    - Al-Assadi, J. (Director). (2010). Nisaa al-saxophone. [the saxophone women]. [Theatre Play].
    - Rouhana, B. (Director). (1987). Ras mdawwar, ras mrawwas [round head, sharp head]. [Theatre Play].
    - Chedrawi, Y. (Director). (1984). Nuzha rifiya ghayr murakhas biha [an unauthorized rural walk]. [Theatre Play].
    - Mahfoud, Z. (Director). (1998). Halat hobb [a state of love]. [Theatre Play].
  • Leading role in many television and film productions of which are the following:
  • - Arakji, N. (Director). (2018). Matloobin [Wanted]. [Motion picture].

    - Ghandour, H. (Director). (2014). Al Mosafer [The Traveler]. [Motion picture].

    - Hgeig, B. (Director). (2013). Talee Nazel [Going Up and Down]. [Motion picture].- Daniel, J. (Director). (2012). taxi al-balad [city taxi]. [Motion picture].
    - Hgeig, B. (Director). (2010). Shatti ya Dini [here comes the rain]. [Motion picture].
    - Doueiri, Z. (Director). (1998). West Beyrouth. [Motion picture].
    - Kaabour, A. (Scriptwriter). (1995). Halawanji ya Ismail [Ismail the sweets confectioner]. [Television broadcast]. Lebanon. [Future Television].

  • Contributed as a scenic expression instructor in the following television program:
    - Saad, R. (Producer). (2005). Star academy 2. Lebanon. Endemol Middle East Production.
    - Saad, R. (Producer). (2004). Star academy 1. Lebanon. Endemol Middle East Production.
  • She is currenly releasing videos on her YouTube Channel in a series called “ The Adventures of EL Set Najah". The series has been a hug hit on social media with over a million views for some videos. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLx-4BnC9TKh5ntlz3-o2dg

Awards and Distinctions

  • Nominated best actress for her role in the theatre play "Halat Hobb" (a state of love) at the Cairo international festival for experimental theatre, 1998 .
  • Received the "distinction prize" for her miming and dancing performance in the theatre play "Ima' 88" (Mime 88) at the 12th festival of the theatre of Damascus, 1988.
  • Received the "distinction prize" for her miming and dancing performance in the theatre play "Ima' 86" (Mime 86) at the 11th festival of the theatre of Damascus, 1986.