Who Is She

Personal information

Aida Naaman

What I have done for Lebanon

I think what I have done is play a role model for Lebanese women to dare achieve what they believe in. This will upgrade the status of women and make it possible for them to serve their country once they are fully prepared through the best education possible as well as the best experience available.

I was concerned to play a role model and target young women and girls in my perseverance for attaining higher education no matter what and where without ignoring the best standards possible in Lebanon or abroad. This comes from my personal experience where I left my family, kids and husband to attain higher studies in which I achieved an outstanding performance.

Contact information / Private

Qalaa Bldg., Khalid Shehab Str. (off Sadat Str.), Chouran, Ras-Beirut
961 1 865578

Contact information / Work

Lebanese American University
13 - 5053
961 1 786456
961 1 867098


  • Master's degree (MLS) (terminal degree as stipulated by the American Library Association), 1970, University of Minnesota, United States of America.
  • Bachelor degree, Arabic Literature and Language, 1960, Beirut University College (Lebanese American University), Lebanon

Areas of expertise

  • Library Management
  • Arabic Literature and Language
  • Arabic
  • English

Work history

  • Director of the Library, 1988 - 2008, Lebanese American University.
  • Assistant Professor, 1980 - 1988, Faculty of Documentation and Librarianship, Lebanese University.
  • Director of Engineering and Architecture Library, 1976 - 1980, American University of Beirut.
  • Head of Cataloguing of Oriental Languages, 1970 - 1975, Jafet Library, American University of Beirut.
  • Cataloguer of Arabic Books, 1960 - 1968, Beirut University College (Lebanese American University).

Honorary office and memberships

  • President of the Lebanese Board on Books for Young People (LBBY), 2008 - present.
  • Member of the National Commission for Lebanese Women (NCLW) and Chair of the Documentation and Research Committee, 2007 - present.
  • Chair of the Steering Committee of the E-Portal of Lebanese Women - National Commission for Lebanese, 2007 - present.
  • Member of the Committee for the Revival of the National Library, 2006 - present.
  • President of the Lebanese Libraries Associations, 1998 - 2005.
  • Member of the executive committee of the Lebanese Libraries Associations, 1991 - 1988.


Publications highlights: 
  • Naaman, A. (2009). 'Antar al-ashqar [Antar the blond] (Children's book). Beirut: Asala for Publishing and Distribution.
  • Naaman, A. (2005). Ashate' assirri [The secret shore] (Children's book). Beirut: Asala for Publishing and Distribution.
  • Naaman, A. (2003). Asafir al-karaz [Cherry birds] (Children's book). Beirut: Asala for Publishing and Distribution.
  • Naaman, A. (1973). al-tajhiz al-ilmi wa al-teknology li qita' al-maktabat wa attawthiq
  • [Scientific and techonological equipping of the libraries and documentation sector in Lebanon]. Beirut: Lebanese Libraries Association.

Awards and Distinctions

  • Honor List, International Board on Books for Young People, 2005, for the children's book Ashate' assirri [The secret shore].
  • Full Scholarship, University of Minnesota, 1969 - 1970, for High Academic Achievment.