Fifi Kallab

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Personal information

Consultant, Founder, President

Contact information (private)

Residence Dr. Kamal Kallab
961 9 623001 & 961 9 623002
961 9 623002
Mobile phone: 
961 3 444401
Personal email address:

Contact information (work)

Byblos Ecologia for Development and Environment
Jbeil Main Road, St. Carlos Center, 1st fl.
961 9 946805
961 9 946805
Work email address:


Postgraduate Diploma (Diplôme D'Etudes Approfondies), Environmental Sociology, 1988, Holy Spirit University of Kaslik (USEK), Lebanon.
Master's Degree, Sociology, 1986, Lebanese University, Lebanon.
Master's Degree, Mathematics, 1975, Université Claude-Bernard, Lyon, France.

Areas of Expertise

Environmental Socio-Economy
Social Sciences

Work history

Consultant, 1996 - present, UN Agencies (The Food and Agriculture Organization, The United Nations Development Program, & The United Nations Environmental Program), in addition to several municipalities and organizations.

Project Manager, 2002 – 2010, Byblos Ecologia for Development and Enviorment Organization, & Green Square organization.

Instructor, 1997 – 1999, Education Science School (Lebanon).

Instructor, 1987 – 1989, The Chambre of Commerce and the Nursing School of Charleville Meziere, France.

Honorary office and memberships

Founder and board member of the National Civil Society Parliament Liaison (NCSP), 2013.

Founder and organizer of the "Lebanese Heritage Days Festival", 2012 - present.

Member of DAAM (non-governmental organization) for defending women in dislocated families, 2012-present.

Member of the civil campaign for electoral reform, 2012-present.

Founder and board member of the Lebanese Council for Freedom of Association (LCFA), 2010 - present.

Member of the Steering Committee for Small Grant Programs, the Global Environmental Funds, United Nations Development Program, 2005 - present.

Founder and Board Member of Amchit Heritage, 2005 - present.

Founder, President (2001-2003 & 2005-2007) & (2011-2013), and Board Member (since 2007) of Byblos Ecologia for Development and Environment, 2001 - present.

Founder and President of Green Square, 2001 - present.

Member of the Steering Committee for Efficient Management of Wastewater Treatment and Reuse in the Mediterranean Countries (A joint project of the European Union, InWent – Germany, Lebanese American University, and the University of Balamand), 2006.

Member of the Health and Environment Committee in Amchit Municipality, 1999 - 2004.

Member of the Ad-hoc Committee for Jbeil Area, 1992 - 1998.


Publications highlights: 

Contributed in the research and writing of several reports such as:

  • Kallab, F. (2007). Jawaz el-muwatin al-shab [the young citizen passport]. Lebanon: Byblos Ecologia for Development and Environment.
  • Efficient management of wastewater, its treatment and reuse in the mediterranean countries. (2004). A project funded by the European Community under the MEDA Water Programme initiative.
  • Kallab, F. (2003).Andak mishkleh bi’iyeh, kif w ayn el-hal [Do you have an environmental problem, how and where the solution stand]. Lebanon: Byblos Ecologia for Development and Environment.
  • United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). (2001). Petites Villes Côtières Historiques: Développement urbain équilibré entre terre, mer et société [Small historical coastal cities: balanced urban development between land, sea and society].
  • Ministry of Environment. (1999).National GHG mitigation strategy, assessment of Lebanon's vulnerability to climate change, final report. A project funded by the United Nations Development Program.
  • Kallab, F. (1999).La pauvreté dans les régions rurales du Liban[poverty in the Lebanese rural areas]. National consultation under the framework of the ACCnetwork/thematic Group on rural development and food security. Food and Agriculture Organization.
  • Kallab, F. (1999).Causes socio-économiques des incendies de forêt et implication des communautés locales dans la prévention et la lutte contre les incendies de forêt au Liban[socio-economic causes of forest fires in Lebanon and the role of the local community in preventing and fighting against forest fires]. Food and Agriculture Organization.
  • Kallab, F. (1996).Socio-economic factors affecting biodiversity in Lebanon. Biological Diversity of Lebanon (volume 2). United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) and the Ministry of Agriculture.
Exhibitions, Lectures, & Performances: 

Lecturer, "Action Plan of the Arab Council for the Right to Assembly and Plan, Where are we Heading? The Freefom to Assembly and Plan: Road Map Towards the Future". The League of Arab States, Cairo, 2010.

Lecturer, "Woman and the Environmental Dimension for Sustainable Development", conference on "Arab Woman a Key Partner Towards Sustainable Development", Arab Women's Organization, Tunisia, 2010.

Organizer and Lecturer, "Persistent Organic Pollutants", Lebanese American University (Beirut & Byblos campus), 2010.

Lecturer, "Promoting Dialogue between the Government and Civil Society on Law Reforms", Beirut, 2008.

Trainer, "Efficient Management of Wastewater Treatment and Resuse in the Mediterranean Countries", Lebanese American University and the University of Balamand, 2006.

Lecturer, "Quarries and Sand Quarries: A Socio-Economic Need and an Environmental Problem", Order of Engineers, Beirut, 2006.

Lecturer, "Solid Waste Management in Lebanon: Regional Solid Waste Management Program in the Mashreq and Maghreb Countries", World Bank, METAP Amman, Jordan, 2004.

Organizer, "Accountability and Transparency in Lebanon" conference, Lebanese American University (Byblos campus), 2002.

Awards and Distinctions

Acknowledged by the National Commission for Lebanese Women as one of the pioneer Lebanese women involved in addressing environmental issues, 2009.