Ghada Ibrahim

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Personal information

Arbitrator, Legal Counselor, Trainer

Contact information (private)

961 6 629341 & 961 6 440742

Contact information (work)

Ghada Ibrahim Law Firm
Hourrieh str., Sohoola bldg.
961 6 629341
961 6 629341
Mobile phone: 
961 3 228271
Work email address:


Bachelor degree, Law, 1984, Lebanese University, Lebanon.
Teaching diploma (French language), 1979, Ecole Normale Des Professeurs Libanais, Lebanon.
Certificate of participation in workshops on: Arbitration, BOT, e-commerce, and mediation.

Areas of Expertise

Activism (Human Rights & Anti-Violence)
Legal assistance (Victims of Violence)
Social Development, Civil Society and Trade Union Action
Political Action and Decision-making
Training and Legal Arbitration

Work history

Attorney General, 1990 - present.

Legal advisor, 1990 - present, banking institutions and institutions of public interest, trade unions, and professional associations.

Arbitrator, 1990 - present, Cairo Regional Centre for International Arbitration.

Arbitrator, 1990 - present, Lebanese Center for Arbitration and Conciliation at the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, and Agriculture of Tripoli and North Lebanon.

Trainer, 1990 - present, police officers on human rights, conventions to resist torture, convention for ending violence against women (CEDAW), fighting human trafficking.

Honorary office and memberships

Founding member of the NGO hoqooqiyaat [Experts in Law], 2009 - present.

Member of the Lebanese Council to Resist Violence against Women, 1997 - present.

Member of the jury and the gradient of the Bar Association in North Lebanon (Tripoli).

Member of the Commission on Human Rights at the Bar Association in North Lebanon (Tripoli), 1997 - present.

Member of Restart Centre for Rehabilitation of Victims of Violence and Torture, 1997 - present.


Publications highlights: 
  • Ibrahim, G., Khalifeh, N., & Zalzal, M.R. (2008). Al-`onf al-qanooni ded al-mar'a: Dirasa qanouniyya [Violence against women: A legal study], commissioned by the Lebanese Women Democratic Gathering. Beirut: Dar al-Farabi.
Major achievements: 
  • Several legal studies on various topics, including:
    - legal study in the Penal Code to amend articles 522 and 562;
    - legal studies on arbitration in the Lebanese law;
    - a study on the role of civil society in changing laws;
    - a study on the Convention for the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against Women;
    - a study on the human rights front criminal justice;
    - a study on the role of law enforcement in the protection of human rights;
    - a study on quota in parliamentary elections.
  • A series of articles about municipal elections, democracy in Lebanon, and women's participation in decision-making.
  • TV and media interviews on the topics of human rights, women's rights, and electoral laws.
Exhibitions, Lectures, & Performances: 
  • Gave many lectures and presentations on human rights in Lebanon, Cairo, Morocco and Qatar.
  • Gave many lectures and presentations on arbitration in Lebanon, Jordan and Cairo.

Awards and Distinctions

Selected by L’express magazine among one of the 100 people who move Lebanon (Les 100 qui font bouger le Liban), 2001.

The Nisaa Ra'idat award from the Hariri Foundation, 2001.