Who Is She

List of experts sorted alphabetically A-Z
Abeer Nehme Singer, Musicologist, Composer, Theatre Actress, Producer
Abir Taha - Audi Diplomat, Writer
Adlette Inati Medical Doctor, Head of Division
Aida Naaman Librarian
Aida Sabra Actress, Director, Choreographer, Instructor
Alia Berti Zein Lawyer
Alissar Caracalla Artistic Director, Choreographer, Dance Educator
Amal Michel Habib Science Advisor, Associate Professor, Researcher
Aman Kabbara Chaarani President of the Lebanese Council of Women
Anahid Doniguian National and International Cuisine Expert
Andrée Emile Lahoud former First Lady, President
Andrée Khoury Daouk Founder & President
Anita Farah Nassar Independent Consultant
Anita Toutikian Clinical Psychologist, Art Therapist, Educator, Writer, and Contemporary Artist
Arda Arsenian Ekmekji Dean of the Faculty of Arts & Sciences
Arwa El Amine Halawi President, Director
Azizah Y. al - Hibri Professor Emerita of Law, Doctor of Philosophy, Founder & Board Member of an NGO
Azza Charara Baydoun Researcher and Gender Consultant
Bahia Hariri Member of Parliament, Former Minister, President of a Non-Governmental Organization
Barbara Shahin Batlouni Country Director
Bernadette Houdeib Actress, Trainer
Carol Mansour Film Director, Producer
Cedar Mansour Legal Counselor
Cendrella S. Habre University Librarian
Christine Assouad Sfeir Chief Executive Officer
Christine Tohme Founder, Director
Claude Abou Nader Hindi TV Producer, Talk Show Host/Presenter
Dania Izzat Nakad General Manager, Co-founder
Diana Bou Ghanem Engineer, Technical Advisor at the Office of the Minister of Telecommunications
Diana Moukalled Documentary Producer, Columnist and Web Editor
Diane Daccache Mecattaf Consultant
Diane Mansour Founder & President
Dima Dabbous Researcher, Expert, Consultant, University Lecturer
Doha El Zein Halawi President
Donna Abu-Nasr Journalist
Elham Abi Hanna Kallab Professor, Head of Committee