Nadine Abou Zaki

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Personal information

Editor-in-Chief, Founder and Executive Chair, Lecturer, Sculptor

Contact information (work)

Al Hasnaa Magazine
Madame Curie Str., Shiriline Bldg.
Postal code: 
Hamra - Beirut, 1103 2100
961 1 780200
961 1 780202 & 961 1 863 267
Mobile phone: 
961 3 245220
Work email address:


Doctorate degree, Philosophy, 2005, La Sorbonne- Paris IV, France.
Master's degree, Philosophy, 2000, Saint-Joseph University, Lebanon.
Bachelor degree, Political Sciences, 1999, American University of Beirut, Lebanon.
Trainning, Sculpture, Sculpting studios of the artists Aref Rayess, Mona Saoudi and Sami Rifai.

Areas of Expertise

Editing a Women's Journal

Work history

Lecturer in Philosophy, 2013, American University of Beirut.

Founder and Executive Chair, 2007 - present, The New Arab Woman Forum (NAWF).

Editor-in-Chief, 2003 - present, Al Hasnaa Magazine.

Sculptor, 1999 - present.

Honorary office and memberships

Selected by the Lebanese Ministry of Culture as the sculptor ambassador for Beirut World Book Capital, 2009.

Represented Lebanon in sculptures at the 6th Francophone Games, 2009.

Represented Lebanon in sculptures at the 5th Francophone Games, 2005.


Publications highlights: 
  • Abou Zaki, N. (2012). De femme à homme, Sur l’actuel féminin, Récits et correspondances avec Pierre-Marie Hasse [From woman to man, On the feminine now, talks and correspondence with Pierre-Marie Hasse]. Paris: L’Harmattan Edition.
  • Abou Zaki, N. (2010). Le lieu et le corps / Al Makan wal Jasad [The Place and the Body]. Paris: L’Harmattan Edition.
  • Abou Zaki, N. (2006). Introduction aux épîtres de la sagesse: L’ésotérisme druze à la lumière de la doctrine de Çankara [Introduction to the epistles of wisdom: Druze esoterism in light of the Çankara doctrine]. Paris: L’Harmattan Edition.
Exhibitions, Lectures, & Performances: 
  • Exhibitions:
      - Five benches in stone installed in front of the French Cultural Center (title: Le jardin du dialogue [The Garden of Dialogue]- Damascus Street- Beirut, 2010.
      - Monumental sculpture installed in front of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry- Beirut, 2009.
      - Participation in Emaar International Art Symposium- Dubai, 2008.
      - Individual sculpture exhibition Et je m’envole (And I fly off), 2008.
      - Individual sculpture exhibition L’un regarde, l’autre agit (One contemplates, the other acts), 2004.
      - Participation in Mechref Art Symposium- Lebanon, 2003.
      - Individual sculpture exhibition “Tours du silence” (Tours of silence), 2002.
      - Monumental sculpture conceived and made for the Ministry of Tourism- Hamra- Beirut, 2002.
      - Participation in Aley International Art Symposium- Lebanon, 1999-2001.
  • Lectures & Conferences:
      - Speaker at the opening sessions of the annual New Arab Woman (NAWF) Forum, since 2008.
      - Speaker, "A Women's Uprising: Emancipation in the Arab World", discussion at the Korber Forum, moderated by TV presenter Minou Amir-Sehhi, Hamburg, Germany, 2013.
      - Speaker, "The new Arab woman forum: The transforming role of Arab women and its future impact on society", paper presented at the German-Arab Friendship Association (DAFG), Berlin, Germany, 2013.
      - Speaker, “Socrates and Women”, paper presented during the “Philosophical Symposium on Socrates-True Wisdom”, Hellenic Cultural Center, Lebanon, 2013.
      - Speaker, discussion session over the book De femme à homme (From woman to man), moderated by François Zabbal at the Arab World Institute, Paris, 2012.
      - Speaker, opening speech at Qatar International Business Women Forum, Qatar, 2009.
      - Speaker, “Voices of Karama: a panel discussion with women’s activists from the Middle-East”, New Orleans, USA, 2008.
      - Speaker, “Transmission des cultures et du dialogue interculturel à travers le rôle de la femme” [The role of women in the transmission of cultures and intercultural dialogue], UNESCO, Paris, 2008.
      - Speaker, “Love in Digital Islam”, hosted by the feminist writer Fatme Mernissi at the Cultural Center of Asturias, Spain, 2008.
      - Speaker, “V-Day to the Tenth” - New Orleans, 2008.
      - Speaker, “V-Day Festival- Women in Conflict Zones”, New York, 2006.
      - Speaker, "New Media for a New Arab Woman", paper presented during the conference entitled “Women, Dissidence and Creativity” organized by Nawal El-Saadawi, Cairo, 2005.

Awards and Distinctions

International Award for Secularism from the Republican Committee on Secularism (France), 2009.

The first international poetry prize on the occasion of the United Cities of the World at Issy-les- Moulineaux (France), 1999.