Diane Mansour

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Personal information

Founder & President

Contact information (work)

Alzheimer’s Association Lebanon
11-0393 Achrafieh
Monot Str. (near Fusion), Tabet Bldg., 4th fl.
961 1 339606
961 1 339606
Mobile phone: 
961 3 245606
Work email address: 


Bachelor degree, Statistical Sciences, 1970 - 1973, Beirut College for Women, Lebanon.
Lebanese Baccalaureate (Scientific Section), 1970, Charlie Saad Chouaifat School, Lebanon.

Areas of Expertise

Elderly Care
Education Outreach
Motivational Speaker

Work history

President, 2003 – present, Alzheimer’s Association Lebanon.

Executive Director, 1998 - 2003, Artyr.

Purchasing Manager, 1984 - 1998, G. Zahar & Co.

Education Projects Officer, 1982 - 1983, United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF).

Assistant Sales Manager, 1979 - 1982, Mini Micro Computer Corporation (M2C2).

Honorary office and memberships

Member of the National Committee for the Elderly – Ministry of Social Affairs in Lebanon, 2010 - present.

Founder of Alzheimer’s Association Lebanon, 2003 - present.


Major achievements: 

Developing and deploying numerous initiatives to raise awareness about Alzheimer disease through public meetings, advertising with billboard campaigns, publishing articles, television interviews and press releases.

Organizing workshops for nurses and hospital staff covering all the areas of Lebanon.

Running seminars for enhancing the quality of care in nursing homes.

Developing and solely managing the Association’s website including up to date daily news on the disease.

Developing a country-wide help line where family members of Alzheimer’s disease can discuss their situation and give both verbal and hands on assistance to those in need.

Organizing meet-and-greet sessions with over one thousand families on a one on one basis in the AAL headquarters and often, when needed, had the meetings at the patient’s houses.

Building a library with many resources where interested members of the association can borrow books, DVDs and brochures.

Providing special equipments for patients.

Representing Lebanon’s association in over 30 international conferences and workshops.

Launching the “Capacity Building Program” for health and social staff working in the Community Development Centers of the Ministry of Social Affairs, 2010.

Launching a series of workshops titled “Breaking Barriers: Staff Training in Lebanese Hospitals”, 2009 - 2010.

Translating the first book The Best Friends Approach to Alzheimer’s Care to Arabic and distributing 2000 copies, 2006.

Organizing the first conference on Alzheimer’s Disease in the Middle East, 2005.

Instigating and leading the establishment of the Association for Alzheimer’s in Tunisia, 2005.

Founding the first association in Lebanon dedicated to Alzheimer and managing it through voluntary funding, 2004.

Exhibitions, Lectures, & Performances: 

Monthly Lectures about Alzheimer's disease:
- Psychological Stress of Alzheimer’s Disease on Family Members;
- Breaking Barriers: Staff Training in Lebanese Hospitals;
- La Gestion Institutionnelle de la Vieillesse: Les Maisons de Retraite au Liban [Institutional Management of Old Age: Elderly Homes in Lebanon].